Services We Offer

EnviroCam is more than just a retailer of security and surveillance equipment. We provide you with access to our expert industry knowledge across a variety of services that we offer:


We are able to provide professional covert installation and programming of cameras with consideration to your objectives and delivering outcomes. Most people think it's a simple case of plug 'n play, yet the detail that goes into installation makes all the difference with getting results! 


We can provide you with the necessary that will set you up to get the results you desire, including:

✓ Selecting the right camera to provide the solution you need
✓ Identifying strategic installation locations
✓ Installation and camouflage techniques
✓ Programming to get best results
✓ Retrieving and viewing data

Complete Illegal Dumping Surveillance Services

We have a long history of working with local councils and other government organisations to combat illegal dumping. As we are the leading experts in this area, we can provide you with:

✓ Professional installation and camouflage
Camera programming
✓ Retrieval of camera images
✓ Analysis of images and capture of registration plates
✓ Professional reports highlighting dumping incidents
✓ Retention of evidence

Security Solutions for Vandalism & Graffiti

We are experts at providing tailored security solutions that effectively combat vandalism and graffiti. Having worked closely with government organisations, we are experienced industry leaders, with advanced knowledge, allowing us to provide you:

Early detection & remote notification of offences 
✓ Effective camouflage techniques in public places 
✓ Tailored camera programming to achieve optimal results
✓ Training in remote camera management

Monitoring of Tree Preservation & Tree Poisoning 

We can assist with any tree preservation and conservation needs you may have. Our strategically installed covert cameras detect offenders, helping you capture the evidence you need to prosecute and prevent further offences. We provide you with:

✓ Professional installation and camouflage
Camera programming
✓ Retrieval of camera images
✓ Analysis of images and capture of registration plates
✓ Professional reports highlighting incidents
✓ Extended battery options for long-term operations

Security Solutions for Copper Theft

We are experienced at setting up covert surveillance systems to detect and prevent copper theft in warehouses, factories, and other locations. Our expertise in this area will provide you with:

✓ Covert camera installation in your facility
Effective camera solutions in varied lighting conditions
✓ Discreet retrieval of images from cameras without physical access
✓ Training in camera management

Remote Asset Protection

We provide you with the best surveillance systems that allow you to monitor your asset remotely. When you need to know what is going on when you are away, we are able to provide you with:

✓ Early detection systems allowing rapid response 
✓ Professional installation and camouflage
✓ Discreet operation with covert infrared
✓ Extended battery options for long-term operations
✓ Training in remote camera management

Surveillance for Wildlife Monitoring 

We are experienced in the deployment of specialised camera installations for the purpose of candidly observing all types of wildlife in their natural environments. Our cameras have assisted researchers gain a better understanding of the animal kingdom, and can help you too. We provide you with:

✓ Strategic camera installation to meet your objectives
Cameras that are durable and suited to harsh conditions 
Training in camera access and image retrieval
✓ Extended battery options for long-term research

Security Solutions for Livestock Theft

We provide surveillance options for farmers to help detect and prevent the theft of expensive livestock from their properties. Our cameras enable you to keep a watchful eye on each corner of your farm, ensuring that you know when and if someone has entered your property unlawfully. We can provide you with:

✓ Expert advice on camera selection for your needs
Cameras that are durable and suited to harsh conditions 
Assistance with camouflage and installation advice
Advice on extended battery options for long-term installations

Livestock Theft

If you would like further information regarding any of the areas we service - please call us on 1300 085 025