Our Services

Professional Installation

Our expert technicians will provide you with professional installation of our range of covert surveillance cameras, specialising in tailored strategies to ensure the success of your illegal dumping operations.

We conduct detailed site assessments to ensure the best camera positions are used during installation, including geospatial and physical assessments. Effective camera placement is critical in obtaining the evidence needed to identify and prosecute illegal dumpers.

Blink and you'll miss the action! Our knowledge and expertise in camera programming ensures that each camera we install is optimised to obtain results. Camera programming is particularly crucial for the effective capture of registration plates.

We use advanced camouflage techniques to make sure your cameras remain hidden in all different types of terrains. Using exclusive products such as Cambush 3D Concealment, our cameras blend naturally into their surrounding environment.


We provide a range of professional maintenance services that allow you the convenience of knowing your illegal dumping operations are running smoothly.

Retrieval of Images
We offer the convenience of attending your illegal dumping sites for you and retrieving captured images. This is often done covertly to ensure maximum discretion, and in most cases can be done wirelessly from within 30 metres of the camera.

Retention of Evidence
We offer a cloud-based service to securely retain the images or video captured from your cameras. This is particularly useful for images that are transmitted over the 3G network or when we have retrieved the images for you. You will have full access to your images and be able to login remotely to view and download them.

Battery Replacement
We can provide the discreet replacement of batteries for longer term operations, or otherwise as required. We also offer a range of customised battery options to allow for extended battery life, keeping your cameras operational for longer.

Camera Repositioning
At times it may become necessary to move cameras to different locations. This can help maintain discretion and allow for the continuation of results. If this is required, we can reposition your cameras for you, including carrying out any additional maintenance that may be required.


Our team of analysts can provide you with professionally written reports that highlight dumping incidents and activity of interest.

Analysis of Images
We analyse all recorded images and video to identify incidents of illegal dumping and other suspicious activity. Our high attention to detail ensures that all key images are compiled to form a visual gallery of evidence in our detailed illegal dumping reports.

Detailed Reports
Our reports provide detailed information of illegal dumping incidents, including date and time of offence, activity observed, type of waste dumped and registration plates detailed. Combined with high quality images, our reports provide the evidence you need to prosecute offenders.

Professional Training

We provide professional training for your waste compliance team, setting you up with the skills needed to ensure the success of your illegal dumping operations.

Expert Knowledge
We impart our expert knowledge across all areas including camera placement, programming, camouflage, maintenance and more. Your team will learn all that they need to know to be competent in the installation and maintenance of high quality covert surveillance systems.

Training Materials
We provide you with access to our range of online training materials, including detailed video tutorials featuring members of our team. In addition, you and your team will receive our ongoing after-sales support and technical advice, so that help is never far away.