Case Studies

Covert Surveillance Solution for High Traffic Dumping Hotspot

We often find that many councils think that some illegal dumping hotspots are "too hard" to monitor covertly and therefore don't consider surveillance. We can tell you from experience, that while some locations may be harder than others, there is often a surveillance solution for every situation - you just have to think outside the box!

For one council, the rubbish continued to pile up at an illegal dumping hotspot in a popular local area. We were asked to attend the site to provide a covert surveillance solution that would be discreet and suitable for operation within a high traffic area. The challenge we faced was to provide effective camouflage and camera coverage within range of the dumping area, whilst also ensuring optimal placement to reduce false triggers and extend battery life. 

Our analysis of the area identified key locations at which two Reconyx MS8 cameras were installed. Each camera was perfectly positioned to capture potential illegal dumping activity and were professionally camouflaged to ensure maximum discretion. This allowed for a successful illegal dumping crackdown which led to the prosecution of a key offender who was identified through our cameras. 

Local Council Empowered to Stop Illegal Dumpers

We were approached by a local council that had "tried everything" to reduce illegal dumping in their shire. With no experience in surveillance and having only a small team of rangers, despite this councils efforts, the rubbish started to pile up. That's where EnviroCam came in to provide the solution.

Our team met with the rangers and conducted inspections of their illegal dumping hotspots. Suitable camera positions were quickly identified and we proceeded to install a combination of Reconyx MS8 and MS7 (license plate) wifi enabled cameras at each location.

Each camera was camouflaged individually to blend in perfectly with the surrounding environment. We also programmed the cameras according to our assessment of each site, to ensure optimal results. As part of our service, we also provided professional training to the rangers as they watched on.

It wasn't long before the cameras started to get results. We returned after only a few weeks to retrieve the images and analyse them, compiling a detailed report outlining illegal dumping incidents. The report was used to track down multiple offenders and issue hefty fines and clean up notices. 

Shutdown of Illegal Dumping Hotspot

A local council had a major problem with illegal dumping at a well-known hotspot, including the large-scale dumping of building material waste with asbestos. Frustrated by the waste of resources and the rising expense involved with constant cleanups, they contacted EnviroCam.

After assessing the site, we developed a suitable surveillance strategy and covertly installed some of our state of the art cameras. We used two Reconyx MS8 cameras and one MS7 license plate camera, which were professionally camouflaged and concealed during the installation process.

It wasn't long before the results started to show, with multiple illegal dumpers caught red-handed in the act of dumping, both day and night. This led to clean up notices being issued alongside hefty fines, and the illegal dumping site is a hotspot no more!

Monitoring Birdlife in the Hunter Wetlands

We were approached by a research organisation looking for a solution to monitor the migration of birds returning to the Hunter Wetlands. Of course we were very excited to be involved in such a project and were keen to get onsite to check it out. Our team attended the site, and in conjunction with the research team, determined the best area from which to monitor the birds.

We recommended and installed multiple Reconyx MR5 cameras, which were perfectly suited to provide the right amount of natural camouflage. The programming capability of the cameras also allowed for the optimal capture of birdlife activity at key times throughout the day. Once the cameras were installed, it was only a matter of waiting for the migration of birds to occur. 

The cameras captured a large amount of birds returning to the wetlands, with an increasing number appearing to be present day by day. Thanks to the durability of the cameras and our professional installation, the cameras can remain in position indefinitely and continue to help researches understand more about our beautiful wildlife.