Illegal Dumping Surveillance - EnviroCam

Choosing the Right Camera

September 01, 2017

To get the results you want thought has to go into exactly what you need to achieve and the camera fit for the job.

Our customers often say things like, "We want to see who the person who is dumping the rubbish so we can fine them". That's great, but what value is an image of a person without being able to identify them? This is the trick and where choosing the right camera for your purpose is mission critical!

In such an example, this is where the true value of Reconyx cameras comes into play. Reconyx is the ONLY manufacturer of trail cameras that has an effective, purpose-built camera to capture registration-plates, both during the day and night and for vehicles travelling up to 60kph! Check out the SM750.

We're happy to give you expert advice on what's best to suit your application. Drop us a line - we'd be happy to help out!